Now offering New Aesthetics to our Service Menu!

Now offering New Aesthetics to our Service Menu!

BABES I want to formally introduce you to Alexi Bladel! She is officially part of the team! And taking appointments next week!

5 Random things about Alexi! Drop her a hello 👋🏽 below!

⭐️Held the record at GHS in soccer for career saves in both boys and girls soccer and accomplished that in 1 season.

⭐️Graduated high school a year and a half early and was the youngest to attend Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

⭐️Firefighter in the Army

⭐️60th Miss Winnebago County Fair Queen and 60th Miss Illinois County Fair Queen (first ever Miss Winnebago to be crowned Miss Illinois).

⭐️I LOVE SKIN! ”If not now....then when?” I am a huge believer in the fact that it is important to invest in your skin! It truly is an investment and not an expense. In taking that big step towards healthier and happier skin, that means you are taking steps towards a healthier and happier version of yourself. Working with skin is a huge passion for me! What drives that passion is that I have the opportunity to help others feel comfortable and more confident in it! My goals with every service....1)Create a relaxing environment 2)Free the skin of toxins 3)Make sure my client walks out feeling like a million bucks! I find so much joy in goal number 3. You are worth it and your skin is worth it! So what is stopping you? Start investing in your skin and in yourself! BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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