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The Book Nook is OFFICIALLY looking for members and books! We have a few ready to rent! And we are taking monthly memberships!

book nook lovers wanted
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Option 1: Rent a book for $5 take it read it in a timely manor. Return and rent another book!
Option 2: Leave a book take a book. Rental Fee is waived. Read chosen book in a timely manor, return and grab another book!
Option 3: Monthly Membership $25 ($30 with card) read as many books as you like within that month! We ask that you return by the last day of the following month the last book checked out in your month of membership. We will auto renew each month.
***There will be a full retail price charge for unreturned books or if you return book damaged.

Here are the list of Books we currently have and will be adding more next week!➡️➡️